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Gardens with Fleur offers a design style which reflects the elegance and beauty of blended formal and cottage gardens. This style transcends the traditional approach to achieve a contemporary interpretation that complements modern lifestyles.

Influenced by her love for timeless, tranquil and productive outdoor experiences, Fleur’s design style typically features symmetry, natural materials (water, stone and timber) and soft palettes of flowers and foliage for year-round interest.

Fleur’s designs seek to create a garden journey. This includes considerations of focal points, destinations, prospect, refuge and mystery.


Fleur also provides consultancy services for those who need inspiration to re-imagine their planting and garden layout options.



Gardens with Fleur provides residential garden and landscape design and consultancy services. Services include:​

  • Full design service - including:

    • consultation

    • concept sketches

    • graphic products detailing hardscape treatments, garden features and plantings

Scope of design work includes creating new or re-imaging existing courtyards, residential and rural gardens.

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Gardens with Fleur offers a highly customised design approach. This means the process is largely tailored to your requirements.


Gardens with Fleur offers a home garden design workshop, and garden tour and discussion based in her garden and studio in Braddon, Canberra.

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Gardens with Fleur is a Canberra-based residential garden design business.

Its inception is due to Fleur’s passion for beautiful and useful residential garden design and a belief that good design of outdoor spaces enhances people’s joy, health and wellbeing.

Prior to studying Landscape Design at the University of Canberra and TAFE NSW, Fleur served 28 years with the Australian Army. Retiring as a colonel, she is well experienced in project management, embracing challenge and working with others towards a shared goal.

Fleur holds a Diploma of Landscape Design, as well as several undergraduate and masters degrees that add to her broad range of lifestyle interests.


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