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Gardens with Fleur offers a highly customised design approach. This means the process is largely tailored to your requirements.


The typical process for a full design service includes the following steps:  

Step 1: Initial consultation

We meet in your garden to discuss your specific requirements and collect further information. This includes identifying the connections and flow between the inside and outside spaces, existing features to be retained and any peculiar environmental challenges.

Fleur takes photographs of the existing garden and collects a copy of the site survey prior to commencing the design phase. 

This service takes around 90 minutes and costs $325 incl GST.

Following this consultation, Fleur will provide a client brief. This summarises your design requirements and specifies a time frame and fee for the design phase. Upon your acceptance, Fleur will commence designing your garden.

Step 2: Design phase

The design phase typically includes two concept sketches, your feedback/modifications and one detailed landscape plan.

Fleur will draw two concept sketches that address your design requirements. These are drawn to scale and provide indicative layout, hardscape materials, key plantings and garden features. Concept sketches will include drawings or images to visualise your garden’s potential.

You then decide on your preferred concept and any modifications.

Fleur will then draw the detailed landscape plan. This is drawn to scale, coloured and includes specifications and materials for hard and soft-scaped features, surface treatments, existing elements to retain, and an itemised planting schedule and plan.

The landscape plan is the final design product. It is used to inform landscape construction quoting and installation.

This service typically costs $3,300 incl GST for a standard residential yard (block size 600 to 1000sqm). Small garden and courtyard/balcony packages are available at a lower rate. Variations to this service or additional product requirements are priced individually and agreed in advance.

Step 3: Post-design phase

Some clients require modifications to the design, ongoing advice or consultation during construction. Fleur will continue to support your project through to its completion as required on an hourly rate at $150/hour. 


The typical process for those opting for a planting plan service includes:

Step 1: Initial consultation

We meet in your garden to discuss your planting preferences and identify relevant environmental (soil, sun, shade, wind) challenges.

Fleur takes photographs and measurements of the planting design area.

This service takes around 90 minutes and costs $325 incl GST.

Following this consultation, Fleur will provide you a summary of the planting design requirements, including a planting plan fee schedule. Upon your acceptance, Fleur will commence researching and drawing your tailored planting plan.

Step 2: Planting Plan

Fleur presents your planting plan. This is drawn to scale, specifies plant siting, quantities and characteristics. The planting plan includes an itemised list of plants by botanical and common names with indicative images.

Planting plans start from $1250 incl GST and are priced according to the size and complexity of the planting space.


For those needing some inspiration to re-imagine their planting and design options, Fleur offers an on-site consultancy service.

As we walk through your garden, Fleur will offer:

  • design suggestions to enhance your usable space,

  • recommendations to improve surface finishes, and

  • planting suggestions to address privacy or environmental challenges.


The onsite consultation takes around 90 minutes and costs $325 incl GST. A follow-up written report, which includes a layout sketch, is an optional service charged on an hourly rate of $150/hour.

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Price Summary

Initial site consultation       $325

Full design service

    (standard residential)*    $3,300

Planting Plan                       from $1250

* courtyard, balcony, small and rural gardens priced according to size and complexity

Prices inclusive of GST.

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