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$195 per person


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$195 per person



Saturday 2 April              10.30am – 2.30pm

Design your own garden with guidance from a qualified landscape designer.


Fleur recognises that many garden owners are already effective gardeners, but would love to learn more about how to improve the layout, structure and sustainability of their gardens.


These interactive workshops provide inspiration for those keen to lead their own garden design journey. Fleur will guide you through design techniques and ideas including a garden tour to demonstrate practical applications. You will come away with ideas, confidence and tools to draw and build your own garden or to just better appreciate garden design and sustainable features.


These workshops will appeal to a broad range of participants: including the home owner needing some prompts for their garden design project, the interested gardener or those just looking for a unique workshop or shared experience with friends in a lovely garden.


Each participant will work up a design for their own garden or courtyard and receive a workbook with notes, pictures and sketches that capture the key points. Morning tea and lunch will be served in the garden under the shady arbour.




Each workshop runs from 10.30am to 2.30pm and includes:


  • A garden tour demonstrating design principles, concepts and materials in action

  • Two structured educational sessions with workshop notes provided

  • Morning tea/coffee on arrival

  • A two-course garden luncheon

  • Three to four participants.




There are two different workshops available:


Workshop One: Home Garden Design

  • Design principles: what are the building blocks of good design?

  • Design styles: identifying what ‘look’ you want and what functions you need

  • The design process: what are the logical steps to creating a design? Analysis, inventory, layout, materials, plants and accessories

  • How to bring it all together to create your garden

  • Legislation and regulations



Workshop Two: Designing Sustainable Gardens

  • Canberra’s specific environmental challenges

  • Climate smart design principles

  • Water resilience techniques and examples

  • Plant choices

  • Making your garden work for you – edibles, worms, bees, chickens

  • Designing your sustainable garden


If you have a small group (3-4) interested in attending a workshop but these dates don’t work for you, please email me and we can customise a date/time for your group 




Workshops are hosted by Fleur in her residential garden in Braddon, close to the Canberra CBD. Facilities include free parking, bathroom and a climate-controlled weatherproof garden studio.


There is one step required to access the studio and the bathroom and participants will be required to walk across lawn.


Workshops will not be cancelled due to inclement weather.


GF and vegetarian meal options are available with prior notification.